Hi there, I’m Torrie Pattillo.

I'm not a big fan of formality, but since the world thrives on it: my OFFICIAL “job title” is: Intuitive Business Strategist, Writer, Spiritual Teacher & The High Priestess of Soulful Innovation™ (a transformative modality and philosophy centered in creating revolutionary impact through the intersection of: Thought Leadership, Spirituality, Conscious Entrepreneurship & Activism).

I teach Mission-Driven Entrepreneurs, Healers and Visionary Leaders how to elevate their income, impact and influence by being aligned with and embodied in their soul's purpose, calling and mission.

I show them how to be highly intuitive, prolific creators, conscious disruptors & revolutionary change-makers who use their gifts, ideas, voice and platforms to heal, transform and elevate humanity.

My mission is to positively impact the lives of 1 billion people by revolutionizing and transforming the way:

⭐️ people think about themselves
⭐️ navigate life
⭐️ use their words
⭐️ make decisions
⭐️ connect
⭐️ lead
⭐️ create
⭐️ use their energy
⭐️ monetize
⭐️ and show up in the world

My WHY: I'm here to serve a role in extinguishing the hurtful ideologies, patriarchal mindset, kyriarchy, outdated structures, old paradigms, deceptive practices, marginalization, systemic oppression and social constructs that hold people back from reaching their highest potential and experiencing true fulfillment.

I'm passionate about creating a better world, one leader, one innovative idea, one voice at a time.

I'm not simply growing a business, I'm here to lead a movement of people to help birth the new paradigm.

We are at the pinnacle of innovation in technology.

However, there's massive urgency for innovation in social justice & equity, human potential, living with consciousness and what we put out in the world.

There's a Divine broadcast going out to those who are tuned in and listening that's guiding us on how to create a shift.

We each have a role to play and hold the power to facilitate this shift.

Are YOU ready to tune in?

If you feel an undeniable sense of mission that you were meant to make a difference in the world join the Soulful Innovators Collective™.

We are a community of Mission-Driven Entrepreneurs, Healers and Visionary Leaders who are:

⭐️ called to shift "surface-level" living and "business as usual"

⭐️ beyond labels, trends, “group think”, and being boxed in

⭐️ passionate non-conformists, creatives and risk-takers

⭐️unapologetic truth-tellers & seekers who question everything ... refusing to blindly accept, or inherit other people's opinions, beliefs, rules and limitations.

⭐️ on the path of self-healing, self-discovery and are committed to personal, spiritual and business growth

⭐️ abstract, imaginative, deep thinkers who are turned on by possibilities and big ideas

⭐️ passionate about changing the world, changing the way we do things or changing how we see things

⭐️ committed to being soul-guided, purpose-led, calling-inspired, mission-fueled and intuitive in all ways. We’re sick of other people’s opinions and are ready to do everything on our own damn terms

⭐️ action-takers and implementers when inspired and something resonates

⭐️ are sick of marketing and media practices that infuse white supremacist behavior, such as: disparaging beauty norms, fat shaming, exclusion of diversity, overly sexualizing women, sensuality shaming, cultural appropriation for-profit and any practices that hurt people of color, women, immigrants and any marginalized or systemically oppressed group

⭐️ are frustrated by the "love & light abuse" and head-in-the-sand approach found in many "higher consciousness communities" that uphold over-spiritualizing, spiritual bypassing, spiritual entertainment and "high vibes only" attitude ... yet avoid doing the hard work to heal emotional, spiritual, psychological, physical and energetic trauma


Service & Teaching-based Entrepreneurs & Leaders. Such as: Healers, Coaches, Strategists, Consultants, Authors, Speakers

My work is most impactful for 3 types of people:

1. Those who took the leap to entrepreneurship because they want to make a difference in the world and create a sovereign life. HOWEVER ... despite all their efforts, business courses and investments, maybe they feel like they lack clarity or confidence in:

⭐️ their message/story

⭐️ who they serve

⭐️ what they should monetize

⭐️ the type of content they should create

⭐️ how to attract their TRUE soulmate tribe or serve more than one tribe at a time

⭐️ selling or marketing while still being in integrity with their core-values, without chasing perfectionism or sustaining a profitable business feel like what they offer isn't unique enough so they haven't fully launched.

2. Those who are experiencing entrepreneurial, spiritual or activism burn-out or getting bored in, overwhelmed by or feeling called to shift their work to create bigger impact.

3. Those who are doing well in their business, on their platforms and are creating great results, but they're ready use their business for a higher purpose.

If you see yourself reflected in anything I’ve said … welcome home to the movement, Soulful Innovator. My house warming gift to you is my FREE: How To Embody Your Soul’s Purpose 10 day mini course. Enroll for FREE here.


I'm passionate about this work because I've been training for it my WHOLE life. This IS my Calling ...

⭐️ I was raised by an educational system that failed me entirely. They disempowered me, tried to train and medicate my gifts out of me and positioned me for years of depression. Want the full story? Read more here.

⭐️ I've always been a misfit: highly sensitive, big-hearted, bold, unorthodox, creative, quirky AF and more interested in reading a good book, writing my own stories or communing with nature and the spirit world, than having meaningless conversations and shooting the shit. I've grown accustomed to searching for other people like me and building my own tribes.

⭐️ Growing up I was constantly told I was: too loud, too weird, too messy, taking up too much space, too bossy, too inquisitive, too sensitive, etc. I'm here to celebrate the #TeamTooMuchWomen. We were born to lead.

⭐️ Very few people in my life had my back or protected me, so I made it a point to hold space for others. I took a stand, spoke up and served as a voice to those too afraid to use their own.

⭐️ From age 18- 30 I was in a massively toxic relationship. Want the full story? Read more here.

⭐️ Because of social entrainment and head-in-the-sand syndrome, until 2012 I literally believed I lived in "post-racial America." Despite DAILY micro-aggressions being spewed at me, having to work twice as hard for half as much my whole life and being the direct target of racism.

I assumed these were isolated incidents and was told by friends "you must have attracted that situation by something you were thinking or feeling."

⭐️ My deep desire for spiritual fulfillment, non-dogmatic philosophy and being part of a loving community committed to creating change in the world led me to join a grass-roots spiritual organization.

Turns out they were just as dogmatic and grounded in patriarchal mindset as the religion I was denouncing. Furthermore, after "promoting me" to leadership and allowing to serve in that space for 3 1/2 years, I got to see behind the scenes that it was more like a cult than a movement for peace, cultural awareness, education and equality like they marketed themselves to be.

⭐️I spent 10 years in a soul-sucking corporate career in Sales & Marketing. Despite hating it ... I was exceptionally good at what I did and compensated well making it hard to leave.

⭐️ I returned to college at age 25 to major in Political Science and Philosophy with the intention to pursue a career I had ZERO passion in (Luckily I dropped out). I thought a formal education was the only way I could truly be impactful in the world.

⭐️ One of my last jobs involved working for a group of attorneys. They made NO apologies for the fact that they were racist, misogynist, homophobic, Islamphobic, xenophobic, narcissistic, tea-party supporters. Add insult to injury they ended up being prosecuted for scamming homeowners out of MILLIONS of dollars.

My intuition told me to never take that job in the first place, and each day I worked there I wanted to quit. It's was one of the most painful times of my life, especially because I knew better and was ill-advised by my then wife and friends "this job pays too well for you to complain about anything. Take your ass to work, shut up, mind your business, be a responsible adult and collect your check."

⭐️Not knowing how to align with things that brought me joy, being miserable in my marriage and hating EVERYTHING about my job .. I numbed out with one addition to the next: alcohol, MDMA pills, food, shopping, being a work-a-holic, and codependency.

⭐️ Desperate to NEVER work for ANYONE again after my employment trauma, in 2011 I took the leap to full-time entrepreneurship and never looked back. My new "business" was with a Network Marketing company where I did exceptionally well, but knew it didn't align with my core-values, purpose or anything I cared about.

I hated following the formulas, blueprints, tactics and strategies of the "marketing gurus". After 2 1/2 years, I finally left. To pursue another career I wasn't passionate about after training for a full year to get certified in Holistic Health Coaching. I realized this training was simply for my personal growth and to help my family achieve greater wellness.

⭐️ Rather than turning inward, I played Iyanla Vanzant and kept trying to "fix my life." Since 2011, I’ve literally spent 6 figures on coaches, programs, online courses, books and attending events trying to become the best version of myself. And realized…the answers were within me all along

⭐️ I finally started going in the right direction when I launched my business (accidentally) in January 2014. I came out the gate with financial success and created great results from happy clients. However, I still had to struggle my way to clarity. I didn't fully align with my Purpose, Calling & Mission until 2016.

⭐️ Even in the cloudiness from lacking certainty ... I've had some great accomplishments. I've privately consulted and coached over 300 entrepreneurs in 8 countries from a myriad of industries, run workshops on building mission-driven businesses, have led several group coaching and paid mastermind programs, and created my signature online course: The Conscious Business Blueprint™.

⭐️ Beyond the "business gains", I feel most proud of the soul-level gains. Once I discovered how to align with my soul, how to create a fulfilling spiritual practice, finally started the right business and took my offline activism to the online space... I couldn't shut up about it.

I launched into a full on campaign to teach everything I know. I am TERRIBLE at a lot of things. A whole hell of a lot. But I know where I shine. I've built a loving community, connected with extraordinary people I admire, have helped transform minds + hearts, been able to witness and support countless people in fulfilling their dreams and have manifested things I wouldn't believe were possible.



I'm an Alchemist, polarity shifter and practitioner of the non-binary arts:

⭐️ an entrepreneur AND mystic
⭐️ a spiritually guided leader AND business savvy AF
⭐️ I embrace soul AND strategy
⭐️ I do my work on earth AND have priorities in other dimensions/realms
⭐️ consciousness AND shadow work occupy my day
⭐️ earning good profit AND aligning with my purpose, calling and mission are built into my business plan
⭐️ healing myself AND holding space for others to heal is my priority
⭐️ playfulness + fun AND getting shit done
⭐️ keeping a soft, open heart AND telling people to fuck off when necessary
⭐️ honoring introspection AND proudly engaging in outward expression
⭐️ being wildly creative AND mindfully logical
⭐️ I love ancient wisdom + practices AND I’m obsessed with technology and innovation
⭐️ I’m equally obsessed with history AND today’s pop culture
⭐️The people I serve are my clients + students AND sisters/brothers + friends + collaborative partners

⭐️ I’m a marketing nerd and business enthusiast AND I haaaate most of the current teachings and practices, so I’m determined to revolutionize the entrepreneurial world
⭐️ I'm embodied and balanced in feminine AND masculine energy

I believe we are ALL being called to stop having to "choose sides". Occupy multiple spaces at the same time. Unapologetically.


Expect to see me talk a LOT about:

⭐️ MY WOMAN: My love of and musings with my twin flame soul-partner, whom I affectionately call #INFJbabe

⭐️ BOOKS & MY OBSESSION WITH BARNES & NOBLE. I'm not sure which I love more, reading or #INFJbabe ha! I primarily read non-fiction (business, marketing, spiritual, metaphysical, mindset, personal growth and biographies).

⭐️ MYERS-BRIGGS TYPES. I'm an OBSESSED ENFP. Like, so much so, it inspired an article I wrote about "How to use Myers-Briggs types to find soul-alignment in business and peer groups". This is after years of research and tracking.

⭐️ ALL THINGS MERMAID. And yes, that includes seeing my love of things that come in all shades of blue & blue-green. Of course, that includes being utterly addicted to being at the beach and living by the moon cycles. And yes…I’m a grown ass millennial who absolutely believes she’s a mermaid. Ha!

⭐️ METAPHYSICAL, SPIRITUAL, MYSTICAL AND INTUITIVE ARTS. All things soul-centered, non-dogmatic and requiring acts of consciousness. Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist, Shamanism and Animism philosophy aligns with my personal beliefs, habits and practices. I absolutely LOOOVE Crystals. Spiritual rituals are a huge part of my life. Nature is my church, and I'm a Modern Day Mystic.

⭐️ STATIONARY: notebooks, journals, pens, sticky notes, planners: ALL of it. Writing, creating, planning and visioning is my favorite thing ever.

⭐️ BEING A FOODIE: I'm a Pescatarian (a vegetarian who occasionally eats seafood). I eat 50% vegan, 40% vegetarian and 10% seafood. I’m a “plant-passionate”, holistic enthusiast so I love to encourage using food as medicine. But I’m also unapologetic about the fact that I’m a sugar addict, and eat junk food too, and don't think I'll ever actually stop craving bacon.

⭐️ ANIMALS. All of them. Pure love. My faves? Dogs, leopards, owls & lions.

⭐️ ZODIAC SIGNS & THE PROBLEMS OF THEM LOL. I'm a Leo (sun), Virgo cusp, Libra (rising), Taurus (moon) with Venus in Virgo. I'm wonderfully surrounded by Leos & Virgos and I like to make fun of us for our quirky ways.

⭐️ MUSIC. Pretty much ALL of it. Spotify is my best friend. And, I AM that random person that will quote song-lyrics. Often.

My favorites…in order (Spotify playlists included):

  1. Hip Hop + R & B (INCLUDING trap music)
  2. Pop
  3. Alternative Rock + Pop Rock
  4. Reggae
  5. Alternative Hip Hop
  6. Dance Pop
  7. Kundalini Music
  8. Classical



QUESTION: What programs are open for enrollment at this time?

ANSWER: Visionary Blueprint: The Modern Mystic’s Guide to manifesting money, opportunities and greater influence.

This is a 5 week, live & interactive group program. Enrollment closes January 27th at 11:00pm EST.

If you want to transcend the mundane, tedious and linear way of planning and create a functional, easy-to-follow and solid structure to drive your year, this is for YOU. This is NOT just about fulfilling empty, surface-level goals. This IS about going to the SOUL-LEVEL to identify your most SACRED priorities emotionally, spiritually and energetically.

You will be creating a BLUEPRINT and action plan that aligns with your SOUL's PURPOSE, positions you to follow your calling and is entirely MISSION-DRIVEN. This is ESSENTIAL for elevating your influence, income and impact. You will unleash your HIGHEST TRUTH so you know what you’re CALLED to do this year.


QUESTION: How do I contact you with a question, interview request or to learn more about your programs/working with you?

ANSWER: Please email info at torriepattillo dot com

QUESTION: Can I hire you for private, 1:1 mentoring?

ANSWER: At this time, the ONLY way to work with me on a more 1:1 level is in my 9 month, business mastermind for women entrepreneurs: "Soulful Innovators Council". If you want to learn more about this program, Please email info at torriepattillo dot com with the subject line: "Mastermind info request"

QUESTION: How else can I work with you at this time?

ANSWER: I'm currently going through a rebrand of my website, and all of this information will be available there. HOWEVER, as I revamp my services and offerings, such as my signature online course "The Conscious Business Blueprint" and my forth coming membership site: you can get FREE access to my 10 day, mini-course: "How To Embody Your Soul's Purpose". Enroll here.

QUESTION: Since your full website isn't up currently, how do I access your blog for free tips and to learn more about what you teach?

ANSWER: I'm currently treating my Facebook Community page as my blog. You can catch FREE livestreams loaded with actionable tips AND there's tons of detailed posts and articles there.

Want to stay in touch or get a sneak peak at my work for free? Join the Soulful Innovators Collective™ for FREE

SOCIAL MEDIA. I. Am. Obsessed. I absolutely LOVE connecting with people, sharing what’s going on in the world and dropping nuggets of wisdom. You can find me here:

  • Facebook Community Page This is where I share daily tips, insights and random happenings.
  • Twitter This is my FAVORITE way for people to ask me questions. Feel free to Tweet me.
  • Instagram This is where I host free giveaways, share short clips of insights and get to play with creativity


Hustle and passion are so essential to making it as an entrepreneur. If you aren’t clear on why you’re doing what you’re doing, not only will you not be able to connect with you audience, but it makes the hustle feel more like a grind. Torrie is a rock star at helping you get super clear on your purpose. While she knows her nitty gritty business strategy, she helped me the most by getting me focused on what is truly important to me and how to incorporate that into my business.

When I met Torrie, I had started a business that just didn’t light me up anymore. I had an inkling of what my true passions were and the direction I wanted to head, but Torrie’s guidance really made me take an honest look at myself and my business. Once I did and made the necessary adjustments, I wasn’t just happier with my work but my profits grew exponentially.

Beyond the amazing business advice and guidance, Torrie is a master at creating an amazing community. The women I’ve met through Torrie’s group have enriched my life and business in so many ways. If you are looking for an incredible group of business women who are always there to give you advice, high fives, or even just commiserate with, Torrie’s program is the place to go.

I spent 8 years as an activist for social justice. So stepping into the business world as an entrepreneur made me feel a little icky. I just don’t like being “salesy,” and it doesn’t work. Torrie has helped show me how to discover my purpose and infuse it into my business so I have a business filled with integrity that allows me to truly serve people instead of just worrying about how to make my next dollar.

Morgan Battista | Business Coach & Content Strategist |
Miss Torrie!!!! Her truth, her transparency, her GIFT has been nothing but a blessing for me!! She’s so real about letting us see and understand that walking in your purpose isn’t always easy, but it is SO worth it! She has given me new language to explain where I am on my spiritual journey, and helped me to get on the right path of clarity for my business. She has poured so completely into us without restraint. Not many business owners are willing to do that. And I SO appreciate her for that. She has also connected me to a tribe full of spiritually motivated Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Thinkers, Doers, and Light-bringers! That all in itself has been more than enough.

Kalvina Shelton, | Business Strategist & Leadership Coach | www.kalvinashelton.com
I have spent thousands of dollars on programs and coaches over the years, all designed to help me build and market a successful business, but in the end, I always felt like there was a piece missing. I’m not interested in working in a job I’m not passionate about, but obviously still need to pay the bills. Torrie’s work is helping me find that sweet spot where everything falls into place - living and serving in my purpose. Never have I experienced someone with more passion who truly walks her talk than Torrie Pattillo.

Katie Tassone | Balanced Living Strategist |

Torrie came into my life at a time when I was trying to make sense of the direction I needed to go in my business. I was afraid to share my mess. She provided the spiritual mojo I needed and the powerful community she's created of like spirited and minded soulful entrepreneurs to help me embrace that my "mess" is my MESSage. I love Torrie, our soulful community and all of the love she has and shares for each one of us. Thank you Torrie!

Kitara Wilson | Fitness Coach & Wellness Entrepreneur | www.kitarawilson.com

A few months ago I was ignorant to so many things that are fundamental in my life now. Thanks to Torrie, I have confidence that can only come from within about my purpose, the certainty of my success with helping tons of people and listening to my intuition. When you are in Torrie's world you are not a client, you are a bestie, you are a sister and she definitely makes you feel like you belong. The community she's created is one I will always cherish. I feel deeply connected to the community members and we support each other! I feel so lucky to have had Torrie's guidance and support in discovering a side of me I didn't know existed, being able to tap into it and doing it all together with my #sacredbesties. This course is by far the best one I have been a part of, and I've had many.

Vu Willey | Wellness & Mindset Strategist |
Torrie is a GENUINE, warm, loving, generous Soul. A natural Leader, Healer and Teacher who believes in you! Torrie supports and encourages you to not only discover your Divine Purpose but also to fulfill that Purpose! Since working with Torrie I have learned how to become a Master Manifestor and I’ve grown in confidence which has enabled me to walk fearlessly in my purpose and share my own intuitive and healing gifts with the world.

Salenna Blackwood | Intuitive Life Coach, Healer & Mentor

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